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Welcome to the Satanic Mechanic's Tech pages. When Honda presented the CB 750 back in 1969, the bike set a landmark with it’s four cylinder engine, hydraulic front disk brake, and last not least, the four separate exhausts.

Custom chassis

But Japanese engine design was way ahead of their chassis design in these days. There were a number of small independent frame makers, predominantely in Europe, who used that chance to build their special chassis around the CB 750 SOHC/4 engine.

This page lists many of the sports and racing chassis which were built for the CB 750 SOHC/4 engine.

Performance modifications

When the CB 750 SOHC/4 came out in 1969, it's 67 HP sounded like overkill. This power was only to be handled by the experienced and responsible driver.

But soon, demand for even more power started to grow, and the classic performance improvement measures kicked in. Big bore kits, cams, exhausts, carburators, and even turbochargers were there to boost the power to new limits.

Today, most of the companies either do not make any parts for the CB 750/4 anymore, or have even vanished. But their parts are still around, even if they are increasingly difficult to find. On the other hand, new parts and new technologies became available which may help overcome limitations which existed back then.