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Richard Peckett and Peter McNab had been working at Dresda Autos before they founded their own company in 1975. They designed and built motorcycle racing frames.

P&M Honda

In fact ther very first machine built by P&M was a CB 750 SOHC/4 powered race bike. Acutally, they had dismanteled a Dresda Honda owned by Richard, sold the frame and designed their own chassis. Richard raced it to win the four-stroke race at Brands Hatch in 1977.

Later in 1977, they designed a new frame for that Honda engine (which was the fifth frame ever built by P&M).


P&M Honda


The present

P&M is still going strong these days, now only Richard Peckett.

P&M Motorcycles
8 set Star Estate
Transport Avenue
Tel: +44 20 8847 1711
Fax: +4420 8758 1403

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