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Günter Zabrocky from Germany was well known among motorcyclists since the Sixties for his Hydra SS front fork, based on the Horex telescopic fork. This fork was mainly used in BMWs. Later on, Zabrocky also adapted his damping system also to Honda CB 450 and CB 750 forks. In total, about 600 forks, each with it's unique serial number, were modified by Zabrocky. The last was built around 1982.

Here is a CB 750 K1 fork, modified by Zabrocky. Only the left leg contains the damping system, the right leg also has a damping rod, but it has large enough bores to show no real damping.

The two dampers

Fork legs with bushings

Left leg with damper

Right leg with damper

The stock holes in the fork legs are bored out. Zabrocky also used longer upper bushings (approx. twice as long than stock) and softer springs, ground for progressive characteristics.

Springs modified by Zabrocky

All forks were marked

The present

Günter Zabrocky died January 16th, 1995 at the age of 64, and his business disappeared.

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