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Nico Bakker

Being a successful road racer in the early 1970s, Nico Bakker was not content with his race bikes. After he had built the first chassis purely for himself, other fellow racers soon started to approch him to build them a chassis, too.

In 1973, he eventually started building frames commercially. Until early 1980s, he had built a wide range of chassis for street and racing use. His customers included well known names like Giacomo Agostini, Cork Ballington, Johnny Cecotto, Phil Read and others.

Bakker Honda

Bakker RCB-9

Bakker RCB Honda

The 750 SOHC/4 never played a major role in Bakker's chassis line, nonetheless a few of them exist, some with the RCB engine. Most Bakker Hondas were equipped with the later 750/900/1100 DOHC engines.

The present

Today, Nico Bakker is still active in the frame building business. He has a variety of models, from more classic BMW kits to the futuristic QCS.

Bakker Framebouw
Donkereweg 1
1704 DV Heerhugowaard
Tel: +31 72 5714642
Fax: +31 72 5744844
Email: info@bakker-framebouw.nl