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Giuliano Segoni

For his early frames, Segoni had a backbone design similar to Egli's. He manufactured frames for different engines like the Laverda 750. Segoni Kawas were also competing in endurance races. Mario Calonaci was Segoni's chief mechanic in Segoni's firm Segoni Corse. After Segoni's death in a street accident and the consequential closure of Segoni Corse in 1980, Calonaci took over the production of Segoni chassis in his own company Ciemme Racing Frames.

Segoni Honda

Giuliano "Luigi" Segoni also made a few chassis for the Honda CB 750 SOHC/4 engine.

Photos courtesy of Viktor Klemencic, who's father bought that bike in Milan from a former mechanic (Calonaci?) of Segoni.

This is the same bike, now owned by the French Japauto Club. The Segoni design also uses the backbone tube as an oil tank.

The present

Ciemme Racing is still active, and they are still making Segoni frames:

Ciemme Racing Frames
Via Aurelia Nord, interno 37
Viareggio (Lucca)
Tel. +39 0392 2345732
Tel. +39 0349 5521171

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