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Reinforced Cylinder Studs

For high performance engines, reinforced cylinder studs allow for higher torque when tightening the head nuts, which will help to avoid oil leaks, especially with resleeved cylinders. When installing them, I would recommend heli coiling the threads in the case to avoid the new studs to be pulled out.

If you don't intend to tighten the head nuts over the stock torque, you shouldn not need the reinforced cylinder studs either. But unfortunately, the stock studs tend to lenghten after some time and are more prone to snapping once they have been stretched beyond elasticity.

The other bad news is that Honda cannot supply cylinder studs "B" anymore. Reinforced studs may be the only way to go if you need new studs.

Here are different cylinder studs:


From left to right: Stock, APE and a special stud for the turbo project.

Here the installation instructions from APE:

1. Long threaded end must be installed in the crankcase.
2. Note stock stud length location before removing, There are two different stud lengths.
3. After removal of stock studs, thoroughly clean holes with solvent and blow out.
4. Using two wrenches, lock up two 8mm x 1.25 nuts on the short thread end of stud. Dip long end in oil and install in noted location, bottoming out, then use a torque wrench torque to 8 foot pounds maximum.
5. Install head and following manufacturer's torque pattern, torque head nuts to 20-22 foot pounds.

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