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Georges Martin

Georges Martin started building motorcycle chassis in 1972. His first chassis were similar to the backbone design that Fritz Egli made so popular. Most of the CB 750 SOHC chassis were built in that design. The backbone frames were built between 1973 and 1983 in two versions (rear shocks upright or tilted). Starting in 1977, he also built frames with a framework design. I have one of the later ones which is equipped with a Japauto VX1000 engine.

Martin Honda

Here is a later Martin Honda with the framework chassis and an early backbone design kit:

The bike shown below below was most probably exported to Spain where it was raced in endurance racing. In that time, the Japauto VX1000 engine was converted back to 750cc. The figures for bore and stroke (61x63) are written on both the ignition and sprocket cover, a fact that was usual among race bikes to faciliate later checks.

Interestingly, the engine has a Japauto engine number (1000VX1172), not a Honda number. This was to circumvent import restrictions in Spain - the Japauto engine an Martin chassis made it a French bike that could be brought to Spain (Japanese imports were prohibited by then). It has the monocoque, with tank and seat in one piece. Others had aluminum tanks and seperate seats.

This frame is painted - most Martin chassis were chromed.

The present

George Martin's motorcycle operations lasted until approximately 1987. He built about 5800 chassis during the years, most of which were sold as chassis or kits (Approx. 450 of those were built with the backbone design). Only about 50 bikes were built completely in Les Sables d'Olonne, where Martin's operations were located. Between 1989 and 1996, he built kit cars before he completely left the vehicle business. Unfortunately, all files from his motorcycle years are gone. After having spent several years in the construction buiness, he is now active in the motorcycling world again, and even makes frames again:

Georges MARTIN
31 Rue de la mairie
44470 MAUVES sur LOIRE
Pays de la Loire
Tel: +33 2 40 25 08 19
Tel: +33 6 86 92 21 19
Email: georges.martin11@wanadoo.fr

His legacy is kept alive by the Club Martin:

Club Automobile Martin
Lotissement le Beaupré
Tel: +33 6 76 21 29 69
Email: webcam@clubmartin.com

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