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Bimota, of Rimini, Italy started its business in 1966 as manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. The company was founded by Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini (hence the name BiMoTa). In 1972, Bianchi left the company. The remaining owners who both were motorcycle enthusiasts, started to use the company's facilities to build their own motorcycle frames. They were so successful (or enthusiastic) that they gave up the air conditioning business in 1973 to fully concentrate on building motorcycles.

Bimota HB1

Bimota HB1

One out of 10

Only a few, maybe 10 of the HB1 were built. None of them was designed to be street legal, they were all meant to be race bikes. The most famous driver was Luigi Anelli, who raced a HB1 in 1973. Today, this is probably the most sought after special framed Honda CB 750 SOHC/4 bike.

Ceriani front fork, Marzocchi rear dampers, Fontana brakes - Bimota used only the best accessories.

The present

Bimota Spa
via Giaccaglia, 38
47900 Rimini
Tel. +39 0541 302810
Fax +39 0541 307429
Email: info@bimota.it

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