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Securing the cam towers

The cam towers are held in place by six M6 bolts each. In high rev engines with strong valve springs and steep cam profiles, there may be a problem that the these bolts are too weak to keep the whole valve train in place. But there are several ways to improve the situation.

Softer springs, lighter valve train

Use less radical springs. To make up for it, lighten the rocker arms, use lighter retainers (titanium) and turn down the adjuster nuts to half height.

Heli Coil the threads

Drill out the threads in the cylinder head, tap them and use Heli Coil inserts. Since the thread in the cylinder head is the weak point, the larger outer diameter of the Heli Coil inserts provides more tensile strength.

Support through the cylinder head cover

The last option is to use the cylinder head valve cover to keep the cam towers down. You have to drill the valve cover, weld in bushings and tap them (6mm). The holes should meet the outer edges of the valve towers. Then install the cover, tighten it, and then turn in threaded pins or bolts until they meet the towers, and secure them with counter nuts:

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