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EML of Holland are famous in Europe for their sidecar kits and Trikes.

EML Honda

Reportedly, a few solo chassis for the Honda CB 750 were built:

It is debatable whether or not that bike has been built in the EML factory. When I asked in 2003, even the old timers at EML had no knowledge of such a project.

On the other hand, EML was founded in the early 70s, and the knowledge about these chassis may have vanished in time. On the sidecovers it clearly says EML...

Undoubtedly, this chassis is equipped with a 38mm Marzocchi fork and stock Honda hubs with wider rims, and Honda brakes..

The present

EML is still building sidecar and trike conversion kits for different motorcycles:

EML - W-Tec BV
Handelsweg 2
7161 BV Neede
Tel: +31 545 292 154
Fax: +31 545 292 205
Email: info@emlsidecar.com
Email: info@emltrike.com

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