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Roland Eckert was a famous Honda tuner from Germany, until he resigned from all racing activities after the tragic death of his son in 1991.

Eckert Honda

Among his leagacies were a 970cc big bore kit, rearsets, tank/seat combos. But his masterpiece for the 750 SOHC were the five framework chassis he designed for endurance races:


Chassis Dimensions

Wheelbase: 56.3" / 1430mm
Rake: 61°
Trail: 4.5" / 115mm

The present

The company is still active but they have withdrawn from all motorcycle activities.

Roland Eckert
Hauptstr. 54
74635 Kupferzell-Belzhag
Tel: +49 (7944) 9150-0
Fax: +49 (7944) 9150-15

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