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Several manufacturers used to provide special racing gearboxes for the CB 750 SOHC/4. Among them were Krüger, Quaife and Yoshimura. All those has closer ratios than the stock gearboxes.

Nova Racing, UK still makes racing gearboxes for the CB 750 SOHC/4.


Undercutting the engagement dogs keeps them from jumping out of gear under hard acceleration. They are cut to a light angle which locks them together under load.

K Models Final Drive Shaft

Early K models had a final drive shaft with a smaller single row ball bearing than the later (up to '77/K6) models. The later shaft, along with the wider double row ball bearing also fits the earlier cases:

left: 6305 bearing right: 5206

The '78/K7&8 models have a different final drive shaft which is not interchangeable.

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